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Viv & Mil Candle Co.


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I, Mille, was born on August 20, 1987. 1987 is a unique candle made with a blend of blood orange, lemon, light musk, and cedar. Its coconut apricot wax base and crackling wooden wick provide a luxurious burn while its odor eliminator booster effectively removes unwanted smells. Feel the joy of the hottest month of 1987 while burning the candle, perfect for those who beat to their own drum.

  • 420 approved
  • Clean scent
  • Blood orange with an odor eliminator booster
  • 10oz.
  • Hand poured

Care Instructions

Burn in a well ventilated area, draft free

For optimial burning experience trim wick before each use

Trimming of wick ="cutting the black off"

*For further instructions see care label on bottom of candle*

*ALL orders placed Monday-Thursday will be processed within 24-48hrs*

”All orders placed Friday-Sunday will be processed the next business day*


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